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Searching for a Wish

[For a mansion bustling about with people of various levels of crazy, it's awfully quiet around this time.

Or at least, save for the soft footsteps of a purple-haired child. Maybe she looks familiar, or maybe not.

In any case, she seems to be just wandering aimlessly for the time being, though she stops every once in a while to glance around at the place, as if searching for something dear to her. She may or may not also wordlessly bump into you without even caring to look.
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[wtf r u doin fujino]

Oi, kid! Watch where you're goin'!
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Somethin' wrong with you?
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[Awkwardly staring at her...for some reason she doesn't want to snap at her for bumping into her like she normally would! Congrats, Fuji.]

...Ah, hey...are you okay?
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You should really watch where you're going, you know!

[Awkward laugh.]
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Hey! You really need to watch where you're going!

[Running over there to check her for injuries--not like she cares or anything!]
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Honestly. Do you always do this? Do people have to watch you constantly?!

[Bending down and examining her bump carefully--she's just being cautious...]

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[Varon is wiping his hands with the rag that he takes from his back pocket. Being inside the mansion after working on cars wasn't his idea of fun especially if he already feels uncomfortable in such places.

Still, work is work. Keeping his hands as far away from white surfaces, this is a little bit harder than it looks.

Once he reaches the top of the stairs, he sees the girl that looks vary familiar to him but this could only be coincidence. He tries to step around her, keeping his hands up in the air.]

Ah...sorry. I know I'm not supposed to be here an' all but since I'm the help but I ran out of cleaner.

[Just using that word made him cringe.]
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[He nods. Usually the help is out of the way and never seen but in this case, Varon wasn't much for following the rules anyway and being new, he really wasn't supposed to be inside the mansion. If he was caught here, he could lose his job but that is a worry he'll face later.]

What are ya doin' here by yourself?
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[Instantly on guard, he scowls. His memories of Dartz and how he made people disappear from the use if his magic and the Stone's amplification power, he is looking for signs of that power.]

I see.

[He doesn't want to panic the girl but he's certainly not trusting this place very well. He's been having trouble shaking Dartz.]

Where were you the last time?
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[He shakes his head slowly and uses the rag to open the door to keep his hands from ruining the brass.]

It's fine, thanks.

[Perusing the labels for what he is looking for, he grabs what he needs and closes the door with his foot.]

Maybe they'll come back.

[Unlikely but at least there has to be something to hope for.] don't need to call me sir. Just Varon'll do.

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[Bazett looks down at the child. Purple hair and blank purple eyes. There is only one clan that she knows to hold these characteristics.]

Can I help you?

[She wonders if the girl is searching for her relatives.]
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[She glances around.]

I am not too sure either. I was called to the meeting with an invitation.

[A deliberately vague one, but one that seemed to be connected to the Association.]

...Didn't you come with your relatives?

[She should have an uncle and at least one sibling, right?]
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[She nods.]

Then would you like me to help you look for them? What do they look like?

[She is sensing something very wrong with the situation. She had gotten an invitation, and yet this girl had not. And if something was "whisking" people to this place, it is highly likely that said something would not let the people in this place leave so easily.]
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Uh...I see. Can you tell me their hair and eye color? Do they look like you?

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