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Lapis Fathalla ([personal profile] oneirism) wrote in [community profile] portaltonoend 2014-02-14 02:05 am (UTC)


[Did she die again? Just great, though this certainly didn't happen the first time and it's enough to prompt her to stray and wander into the forest. She somehow managed to get herself back to life the first time, so she's hoping it will work again, but having a look around this odd place shouldn't hurt.

Even if it's a bit eerie, but she dealt with ghosts all her life, so she's more than used to eerie. It's the man at the well that prompts her to break her mask of apathy to raise an eyebrow in question.]

... Border? So I am dead, then? [That's right Lapis, just ignore the rest of what he said... even though she is an awesome singer]

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