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Ren Koumei ([personal profile] pimples) wrote in [community profile] portaltonoend2014-03-10 04:48 pm
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Beep beep, it's voice-testing time!

[Sup, there's some loser snoozing around wherever you are. Whether it's the kitchen, in the park, at school, or even in the bathroom, he's there. His snoring is pretty ungraceful too.

He seems to be a really heavy sleeper as well, so good luck trying to wake him.


[The atmosphere in the meeting room was intensely awkward, though Koumei didn't seem to mind. Then again, he was a little bit preoccupied at the moment as he was looking over a scroll, and only paused to yawn on occasion.

However, once he's done, he sets it aside and stares straight into your eyes.

So then, let's begin.

[Good or bad, whatever you're here for, it's going to be a long day.]


[Wildcard prompt! Go with anything else you'd want, even if it's AU!]

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