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Yonaka Kurai ([personal profile] chasescenes) wrote in [community profile] portaltonoend 2014-08-26 02:43 am (UTC)

[It's a lazy day in the flame world, and Ivlis and Yonaka are alone in the throne room.]

Hey, Ivlis. Can we talk for a minute?

[They're already talking, but Yonaka's nervous.

She's been in the flame world for a long time - months at least. She's been happy there, much happier than she was at her original world. And Ivlis has been kind to her.

No, more than that. Ivlis has been the one making her happiest of all, and she likes to think she's made him happy as well. Even if it's just with little things like making him scarves and bringing back bento boxes from her trips back where she used to live, to what used to be home.

She knows how she feels. But she's not sure how Ivlis feels. Even so, she thinks now is the time to say it in the open.

To make it short, she's a human, and she likes to put relationships into words. Even if nothing about them changes, it would make her happy just to be able to say 'I'm his girlfriend'.]

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