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Perma-Open RP Post!

Ruby Rose
Weiss Schnee


Caboose red vs blue

"I love me."

Violette Roman

"The peace of going to death. The cradle of the moon."

Ren Koumei Magi

"Ah-ah. Tired."

Judar Magi

"What I truly war!"

Others available upon request

1st code: [community profile] pagans | 2nd code: [community profile] pastries
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Judar Magi

[personal profile] snugglesjugs 2014-03-22 08:54 am (UTC)(link)
Judar gets finds out more about the newest magi that replaced the old hag. He isn’t too pleased by Aladdin hanging out with wannabe magi, to top off having a horrible kings candidate to boot. He decides to have a little chat with Aladdin about his life choices. (Yanderish prompt. ;w;)

Takes place on the day before Aladdin leaves Magnostadt for Sindria.