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Perma-Open RP Post!

Ruby Rose
Weiss Schnee


Caboose red vs blue

"I love me."

Violette Roman

"The peace of going to death. The cradle of the moon."

Ren Koumei Magi

"Ah-ah. Tired."

Judar Magi

"What I truly war!"

Others available upon request

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Judar Magi

[personal profile] snugglesjugs 2014-03-22 08:54 am (UTC)(link)
Judar gets finds out more about the newest magi that replaced the old hag. He isn’t too pleased by Aladdin hanging out with wannabe magi, to top off having a horrible kings candidate to boot. He decides to have a little chat with Aladdin about his life choices. (Yanderish prompt. ;w;)

Takes place on the day before Aladdin leaves Magnostadt for Sindria.
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hey Risotto hey

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[One thing is true of all people, men, women, strong, puny - they get sick. Sickness can take anyone out of commission for a while, even assassins. It's best not to fight too hard against it or you'll make yourself worse.

Which is why when Risotto's sick with the flu, he's got strict rules (from Prosciutto, naturally) not to leave bed for any unnecessary purpose. This includes for meals.

At lunchtime, Pesci pushes open the door with one hand, balancing a tray of food with the other.]

Lunch delivery.
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IVLIS because we will never ever see a Shinya

[personal profile] chasescenes 2014-07-27 03:35 pm (UTC)(link)
[One evening, there's a rapid knock on the door to the room of the castle Ivlis has been staying in. If Ivlis opens it, he'll find Yonaka standing out there, who quickly asks:]

Can I stay in here? I'll sleep on the floor, I'll do your laundry, I'll do anything, just please let me stay in here!

[She's holding a knife. It has blood on it. Fresh blood.]
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[So they've found portals to back home. Labeled ones, even. No chance of accidentally going the wrong way or to someone else's place. Lots of people are leaving as soon as they put their affairs in order. Some have already left.

Yonaka finds Ivlis in a hallway and races up to him.]

Good- I was worried you'd already gone.
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[It's a lazy day in the flame world, and Ivlis and Yonaka are alone in the throne room.]

Hey, Ivlis. Can we talk for a minute?

[They're already talking, but Yonaka's nervous.

She's been in the flame world for a long time - months at least. She's been happy there, much happier than she was at her original world. And Ivlis has been kind to her.

No, more than that. Ivlis has been the one making her happiest of all, and she likes to think she's made him happy as well. Even if it's just with little things like making him scarves and bringing back bento boxes from her trips back where she used to live, to what used to be home.

She knows how she feels. But she's not sure how Ivlis feels. Even so, she thinks now is the time to say it in the open.

To make it short, she's a human, and she likes to put relationships into words. Even if nothing about them changes, it would make her happy just to be able to say 'I'm his girlfriend'.]
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I want to see it happen so: Ivlis!

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[It's not really important how they reached this point in the conversation. Satanick's just bothering Ivlis as usual when the conversation comes to other people in the castle.]

Aaah, you're worried about your underlings, is that it? It must be~ Well, maybe I'll bother them sometime, but maybe I won't. Right now I'm not interested.

Your girlfriend's spoiled goods anyway, I don't want her.
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[The castle hadn't let them choose where they went - they all were returned home, as abruptly as they were taken. Ivlis hadn't let that stop him from looking for Yonaka - he knew she was on Satanick's world, and with her house empty, knew there was a high chance of her being in Mogeko Castle. Again.

He hadn't had any problem dealing with the local Mogekos, of course - not even a hundred of them compared to a Devil - but it took a while before he found Yonaka.

Yonaka, with tear tracks down her cheeks, with ripped clothes and bruises visible on her thighs and chest. Yonaka, whose eyes went wide when she saw him, cried out-]

Don't look at me!

[She hadn't been convinced that he wasn't just a dream she'd had, to delude herself into happiness when she was asleep, but if he was real...

She didn't want him, of all people, to see her this way.]