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Open RP Post - Prompt starter style!

❝So put your money where your mouth is and make this happen!❞
❝I thought you weren’t going to interfere.❞
❝Stop repeating yourself!❞
❝KNOCK IT OFF! I’m trying to make a speech here! Now…Uh…Oh for fuck’s sake! Now I’ve lost my place!❞
❝This may be the last time we ever get to be together…❞
❝You think you’re the only one who can fix things?!❞
❝Like I can trust you? I have to do this myself.❞
❝I will never forgive you! Now die!❞
❝Heh. I never asked for forgiveness.❞
❝Geez, you’re stubborn!❞
❝This went a little different than I had planned…❞
❝Tell the Old World I said hi.❞
❝I’m just a fool so…how should I know?❞
❝Guess I tried a little too hard…❞
❝Don’t you die on me, you asshole!❞
❝Don’t you…don’t you dare leave me alone again!❞
❝Why does this keep happening to me?❞
❝I want you to know…I’m glad we met.❞
❝Have I ever lied to you?❞
❝You’re all stabby and angry and stuff…But no…You’ve never lied to me.❞
❝I’m here with you. And it’s going to be okay.❞
❝Stand still and fight me, shit-hog!❞
❝The hell are you yammering on about?❞
❝We don’t have to be scared of this world.❞
❝Then the world will finally be quiet. Shhh…Not a peep from you world! Eee hee hee!❞
❝Simon saaays…Rip your guts out! Come on! Do it!❞
❝No, no! No, no, no! I am not letting you do this! No!❞
❝Heh…Look at that…You finally used my name…My…name…❞
❝You’re not the only one who’s ready to sacrifice everything!❞
❝If you think you’re the only one suffering here, you’re out of your goddamn mind!❞
❝Cursing the world…then saving the world…You thought you could do everything by yourself? Well, this is what you fucking get!❞

Prompt starters taken from [ profile] the-sassy-dragon 

Yooo, this is an open RP post! Ask for a character from the muselist, start off with one of the prompts shown here, and we'll get this ball rolling. o7

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