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[After a long, hard-fought battle, they finally overpowered the source of the malicious happenings in Tsukumihara High, and had won. With the threat of the virus now over, everything began to be rebooted. As such, they couldn't stay in the place for too long, lest they be swept up by the oncoming firewall right behind them.]

Shit, shit...hurry up!!

[All the energy had been spent against the final boss, and they were paying for it. Every step taken felt like more 10-ton weight had been added, and the opening seemed to get further away. If he didn't do something, if they couldn't make it...]

'...sorry Yonaka.'

[With all the strength he could muster, Ivlis shoved Yonaka through the hole, just as it was about to close.]
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[She was so tired that at first she didn't realize what happened, only that she was on the other side of the hole suddenly. Turning to look at Ivlis, she saw that he was still behind her, and panic registered.]

Ivlis, no--!

[She reached out, but the hole was too small for even her hand to get through.]
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[And just like that, it closed up.

He winces for a bit as parts of his body start to break up, but even so, he manages to give a sigh of relief.

Least you're on the other side now.
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You idiot!

[Did he do that knowing he wouldn't be able to escape-]

You should've come with me!

[Even though there wouldn't have been a way for both of them to get out there?

Yonaka pounds on the firewall, but doesn't even make a dent.]
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It''s fine.

[No it wasn't, not especially with how he looks pained as he said it with strained tone. And seeing Yonaka desperately trying to get to him makes it all the more worse.]

Besides, I can't go back to your side anyway, even if I tried. You know how this place works.
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I don't care how it works-!

[She sniffles, still pounding on the wall between them. Tears are starting to well up in her eyes.]

Don't... you're not allowed to leave me... What'll I do without you?
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Hmph, of course I have to leave you! I can't be here for long, lest there be an endless war! You are

[The longer he speaks, the more his tone cracks, along with a growing ache that tugs at his heart. Ah, what was he saying?

'You are better off without me...?', that was a lie, and he knew it. But what else was he supposed to say?? And seeing her about cry too, well...

Idiot, I...I don't know what I'd do without you too..

[Ivlis rests his forehead against the wall, though he slams a hand against it.]

Damn it...damn it...!!
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[Yonaka's fists stop beating on the wall, and she rests a hand on the side of the wall across from his hand, unable to touch him at all now. It's useless. It's all useless, and she's going to be separated from Ivlis no matter what she does.

She sobs. Huge, ugly tears stream down from her face and she doesn't bother wiping them away.

She never wanted this. Maybe, she never should have summoned him in the first place, if it would end up like this.]
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[He can't avert his fate of ever succeeding. Fate has never allowed him that, and why should it change for Ivlis right now? He was doomed from the start, and it'll end like that as well.

...yet, there was still something he can change. Not for him, but definitely-


[He calls out to her in a gentle tone, and he musters up whatever energy he has left to not have his voice crack again.]
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[She's still crying, tears are still streaming down her cheeks, but at least it's died down to something she can hear over, so that she doesn't miss him when he speaks.]

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[Three had never been an athletic person. Even with the firewall gaining pace, she was a little far behind her Servant, much as she tried to catch up to him. The aches and pains she had gotten from the final battle made her body feel stiff;her heels certainly did not help.

She had to make it, though. Her "sisters" would be devastated for sure, and grandpa Octa would be left alone again.

And for her Servant...

'Can't leave them...won't...'

[She reaches out to grab Satanick's hand, hoping not to lose her grip.]
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[Satanick knows that Three is falling behind, and at the worst possible time. Satanick can't carry her out - with him this tired, her weight would slow him down too much and they'd both be stuck.

Not that he would ever say that out loud.

Satanick grabs on to her hand tightly with his, and pulls her closer to him as he runs toward the opening. He doesn't think they'll both be able to make it, but if he can get them just a little closer first... Just a little bit closer, and he could at least get Three through.]
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[Not wanting to burden him any further, she gathers up what little energy she had left within her and picks up the pace to help close the gap between them and the hole.

'Almost there...!'
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[With the remaining energy he has left, he summons his shadow arms and gives her a rough, four-armed shove forward, through the hole.

It means he won't make it through, almost certainly, but that's not as important.]
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[She lands pretty hard once she's on the other side, though she ignores the momentary pain as looks over Satanick.]


[He wasn't beside her. She takes a few glances, until she turns around to see him, still on the other side.

No words left her as she could only stare at him in disbelief.
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[The opening closes, as he knew it would. And Satanick - just smiles.]

Would you look at that. Seems like we're parting here.
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[Her mouth parted open slightly, yet nothing comes out, and she continues to stare at him as if to say,

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Don't give me that look. You're my Master, I'm supposed to sacrifice for you - otherwise I'm the worst of all possible Servants.

[He talks about it casually even as parts of him start to turn into data and disappear.]
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[That's right. In the end, he was no more than just a tool used to win the War in the first place, even if it meant the cost of his life. The bond between a Master and Servant should have been just merely professional, no more and no less.

...but, that was wrong. Wrong, wrong, completely and undeniably wrong.

Because to her, Satanick was...

Tears start to form at the corner of her eyes while her lips part open once again, and even though no sound comes out-

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...Aaah, you know how to cut to a man's heart, don't you...?

[It wouldn't bother him so much to be seeing her in such distress, but this is Three. It's rare for her to show such signs of pain, and for him to have caused it is painful in itself.

He reaches out towards her, fingertips already disappearing, and finds the firewall just as solid as he'd expected.]

I'm sorry. I'd stay if I could.
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[Blunt and clear-cut, yet her cracked tone says otherwise.

She can't look away. No matter how much she wants to, she keeps on staring as if it would be enough to avert this fate.

You'll come back. There has to be another way...

[Like a crushing river breaking through a dam, her mind is fraught with only two words: 'Come back'. And so fixated she was, Three unconsciously has one hand reach out towards his, while the other goes to clutch at her chest, as if it would stop the pain in her heart.]
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[He rests his hand on the firewall, impenetrable.]

Your optimism is touching, but... I think it could be better used in other places. This is where we part, my dear Master.