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Call Me Out: Test Drive Edition!

【the CALL ME OUT meme】
a roleplay meme to inspire muses.

refer to the list above for active muses.
post "calling" one of them out — you can do so by putting their name in the subject line!
can be informal/formal/comment spam/crosscanon/explicit/whatever tickles your fancy!
feel free to make up a scenario at the start, or wait to see where things go.

meme code.

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[personal profile] oneirism 2015-04-11 02:40 pm (UTC)(link)
[Lapis is used to weird things. She can see and speak to ghosts, and all of her friends are ghosts, so weird is a fact of life for her. Even the rabbit that randomly appeared in her apartment a few days ago wasn't too weird, and she did her best to take care of it. Not minding at all at how the rabbit didn't seem to want to be petted or have her play with it's paws, since she still did it anyway.

But what is weird is the guy that's randomly appeared in her apartment now, and the rabbit has gone missing. And this guy has bunny ears and weird clothes... So Lapis will just be staring at him with the flatest look possible.]

... Where's the rabbit? [She was growing attached to him okay-!]
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[personal profile] tsunhare 2015-04-12 08:19 pm (UTC)(link)
[Somehow, this felt like deja vu to Jiwoo. Except that he can't really recall if it had happened before, so he was pretty sure that it was just his mind playing tricks on him.

Not that it stops him from glaring at Lapis as he huffs and crosses his arms.

Isn't it obvious?!

[His ears wiggle frantically as he glares even more.]

Look at where I'm standing. If you can't figure it out, then you really are an idiot!
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[personal profile] oneirism 2015-04-12 09:00 pm (UTC)(link)
[The ears just wiggled. Lapis can only blink at that, before actually focusing on Jiwoo.]

... Says the person who expects me to believe that he was a rabbit. [Pause, and then she taps a finger to her chin.]

... If you're telling me the truth, tell me something the rabbit would know. [She somehow manages to say this with a completely straight face.]
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[personal profile] tsunhare 2015-04-12 11:11 pm (UTC)(link)
[Staaaares. Lapis, are you for real.]

I have baby pink paws...the softest paws...and you touched them so much-

[He pulls off the glove from his hand and points his finger at her accusingly.]

You made me faint!!
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[personal profile] oneirism 2015-04-12 11:23 pm (UTC)(link)
[So very real. And she listens to answer, her hands shifting to rest on her hips, expression still completely unchanging even as he points a finger at her.

Then she gives an approving nod, since he's right!]

... That's right! I've never met a rabbit that fainted from having their paws touched. [No guilt, none. She even reaches a hand out to gently squeeze the tip of his finger for a moment. Just because she can.]

But why are you a person now?
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[personal profile] tsunhare 2015-04-13 04:08 am (UTC)(link)
[FROOOOWN. First his paws, and now his finger...!]

Quit that! And as for the other question- [There's a long pause. Why did he turn into a human, when he wasn't able to before?]

...I'm not sure. But, this doesn't mean I've forgotten! My mind's just rather fuzzy right now. It'll definitely come back sometime.
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[personal profile] oneirism 2015-04-13 03:32 pm (UTC)(link)
[Lapis simply pulls her hand away at his protest, tilting her head slightly as she waits for his answer. It wasn't one she was expecting, and she crosses her arms as she thinks.]

... I suppose you'll be staying here until then. [Hopefully her sister doesn't visit anytime soon, it would be awkward trying to explain why a guy is suddenly living here-

- Then she freezes, looking over at him with a faintly questioning look.]

... What's your name? [Since she was calling him Dolce before, and it doesn't exactly suit him now...]
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[personal profile] cherryblooded 2015-04-12 05:56 pm (UTC)(link)
I used to do this to Lobco's hair all the time.

[Somehow, Fukami and Wadanohara's other familiars are away from Wadanohara long enough to let Cherryblod have the chance to braid Wadanohara's hair for her.]
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[personal profile] oounabaramajo 2015-04-12 08:55 pm (UTC)(link)

[It was a good thing; much as she loved her familiars, she did need a break from taking care of them, and Tatsumiya was busy with her duties today, so it's how she found herself at Cherryblod's. Not that she didn't mind, seeing as how he was like a 2nd parent to her.]

She must have looked adorable!
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[personal profile] cherryblooded 2015-04-13 04:28 pm (UTC)(link)
[Cherryblod is everyone's second dad.]

She's always adorable, but especially with braids. Now she insists on doing her hair herself.

[Something about being too old now?]