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Waltzing to the scum and base

For as long as Weiss lived, her life had always been hectic- shady dealings, death threats, family feuds, and blood being spilled every other day. Certainly cruel and vicious times for any normal person, but for someone born in a well-known family such as the Schnees? It was just a part of daily life. And as her elder sister chose a different route by opting to be their father's right-hand man, she had a legacy to uphold by being trained as the heiress to the family. Minor complaints aside, of course.

Hence, it's how she found herself in Akatsuka Ward, at the behest of her father in wanting to expand the business and seeing the labors of her training so far. A small city that didn't attract too much attention meant she was able to make quick work on some of the shops with little to no fuss. Though, the other stores...she'd have to look into intel later on why they wouldn't give up easily.

For now, her current target is a local bar that she's just walked into, preparing to stake it as another claim. Or well, she would, except-

"Excuse me, but is the bartender here? I need to have a word with him!"
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The Akatsuka Ward attracted little attention for good reason - all of the Japanese Underground knew well enough by now that dealing with the Matsuno family was simply not worth it. They'd swooped in seemingly out of nowhere in the 60s and quickly established a name and reputation for themselves and it stuck ever since.

...But who knew how long that would last. Six whole potential heirs and not a one of them looked like they were going to shape up to be able to keep the legacy going. A bunch of lazy slobs who rode on the family's success but never actually did anything to contribute to it for themselves. The first-born had so much potential back in the day too, but he was probably the most hopeless of all now.

Which was why Karamatsu saw it as his calling to pick up the slack. Truly, it was his destiny to save this whole clan. Did that mean he took his duties any more seriously? No, of course not. But he liked to think he was.

Right now he figured his most important duty was producing an heir of his own. That was definitely his excuse for hanging out in one of the Matsuno-affiliated bars, trying to attract pretty women. That and he didn't have to pay for drinks here. And hello, who was this beautiful stranger?

"Hmm?" He pulled down his sunglasses to get a better look at her, a confident smirk spreading over his face. "He stepped out for a meeting." A meeting with a couple of "friends" who were just ensuring Karamatsu's drinks were free.

"Heh, but perhaps I can be of assistance if you have a problem, sweet snowflake. The barkeep and I are well acquainted- he won't mind."
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"Schnee Corporation?" He repeats the name slowly, letting it roll over his tongue in the hopes of triggering some kind of memory. Should he know who that is? They're not with the Matsuno family - he may not be bothering to keep track of much on the business end of things, but he can tell what is and isn't local.

He wonders just who they are affiliated with, and if this is some attempt to encroach on his territory. The last thing he wants is some threat to his indulgent way of life. But... nah. A beauty like this couldn't possibly be a threat. Maybe they have no affiliations yet, and destiny sent her to him to form the ultimate partnership-- financially and romantically.

"I'm listening," he croons, putting one elbow on the table and leaning closer. "What interest would some corporation have in a little hole-in-the-wall like this? If you're trying to promote a new drink, it would take nectar and ambrosia itself to compete with some of the local brews."