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Weiss Schnee ["Schneewittchen"] ([personal profile] coldandyearning) wrote in [community profile] portaltonoend2016-08-10 11:54 pm

Waltzing to the scum and base

For as long as Weiss lived, her life had always been hectic- shady dealings, death threats, family feuds, and blood being spilled every other day. Certainly cruel and vicious times for any normal person, but for someone born in a well-known family such as the Schnees? It was just a part of daily life. And as her elder sister chose a different route by opting to be their father's right-hand man, she had a legacy to uphold by being trained as the heiress to the family. Minor complaints aside, of course.

Hence, it's how she found herself in Akatsuka Ward, at the behest of her father in wanting to expand the business and seeing the labors of her training so far. A small city that didn't attract too much attention meant she was able to make quick work on some of the shops with little to no fuss. Though, the other stores...she'd have to look into intel later on why they wouldn't give up easily.

For now, her current target is a local bar that she's just walked into, preparing to stake it as another claim. Or well, she would, except-

"Excuse me, but is the bartender here? I need to have a word with him!"

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