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Thus, the fairytale from the grave begins...

[The boundary of life and death could be definite, yet also fragile. One could easily appear, and the next, be back alive in an instant, though there were still instances where a person was fated to stay. It wasn’t Purgatory, and neither was it Hell or Heaven, but merely a conglomeration of where souls could get no further beyond the narrow line.

However, should one happen to stray beyond it, they’d find themselves deep in the dark forest of Id, with the only sounds being the soft crackling of branches being stepped on and the occasional soft call of animals. Despite this, there isn’t a sign of life anywhere, and it seems the more one wanders further, the less hope there is of seeing an end in the forest. The trees start to look all the same, the sky is only ever stuck in nighttime, and it only brings an even more arduous trek no matter which direction is chosen.

But, should they ever persevere and make it to the middle of a clearing, they’ll be rewarded with a well. Which doesn’t seem to be much…unless one takes a glance at the dark-haired man sitting on the rim of it.

My, my. Seems another has crossed the border. What is your story this time? Come, and sing for me...


[Apparently, conductors can have a day off too! If one happens to come across Mär, they might catch him sitting underneath a tree and scrawling in his book. Though, whatever he’s mumbling about, it doesn’t sound too happy.]

Hmm...that’s not right either...


[Wildcard prompt! Make up an entirely different scenario, if you so choose. AUS are fine, and serious or super crack, it doesn’t matter.]

((OOC: This is Märchen von Friedhof from the album "Märchen"! He's just a corpseconductor who'll grant revenge for anyone who's "died a noble death" (though he won't be against anyone whose death was violent), from making a stepmother dance until she dies for a princess, or spreading the black plague for a hard-working girl. Of course, since this RP, anything goes, and there'll be no singing in this, just normal conversations. Though if you want to, you can just insert your character's song- or if they don't have one, then just a song that fits them the best.))
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[ It seems an ephemeral presence, cold as winter and barely existing on this side of the boundary, has chosen to stand just over Märchen's shoulder at this moment. Placing his hand on the conducter's shoulder, he leans forward to peer in curiousity. ]

Whose roman are you writing, Monsieur?
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[Did she die again? Just great, though this certainly didn't happen the first time and it's enough to prompt her to stray and wander into the forest. She somehow managed to get herself back to life the first time, so she's hoping it will work again, but having a look around this odd place shouldn't hurt.

Even if it's a bit eerie, but she dealt with ghosts all her life, so she's more than used to eerie. It's the man at the well that prompts her to break her mask of apathy to raise an eyebrow in question.]

... Border? So I am dead, then? [That's right Lapis, just ignore the rest of what he said... even though she is an awesome singer]