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Perma-Open RP Post!

Ruby Rose
Weiss Schnee


Caboose red vs blue

"I love me."

Violette Roman

"The peace of going to death. The cradle of the moon."

Ren Koumei Magi

"Ah-ah. Tired."

Judar Magi

"What I truly war!"

Others available upon request

1st code: [community profile] pagans | 2nd code: [community profile] pastries
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[Holy hell, being sick really sucked. Risotto could feel his Stand slowly writhe all over with every ache he felt in his body, and being told to not do anything? It pretty much made him restless.

Which was why when he turns over and sees Pesci, he tries to leave his bed, messy appearance and all.

Ah, Pesci. [coughs and gives a weak handwave] Just leave it on the table. I'll get it.
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No, sit down. [He doesn't like telling Risotto what to do, but he is sick.] Big brother told you to stay in bed.

[Fuss, fuss. Pesci sets the tray on the nightstand - it's a healthy meal with plenty of fruits and vegetables, prepared especially by Prosciutto.]