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ruby rose rwby
"Well, that's why we're here! To make it better."
AU'd to: BNHA
Active In: [community profile] plus_ultra
weiss schnee rwby
"My father was not the start of our name, and I refuse to let him be the end of it."
Canon Point: S4 - E2
Active In: [community profile] forestcovered, [community profile] lunarwhite
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Call Me Out: Test Drive Edition!

【the CALL ME OUT meme】
a roleplay meme to inspire muses.

time to nyoom )
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Open RP Post - Prompt starter style!

❝So put your money where your mouth is and make this happen!❞
❝I thought you weren’t going to interfere.❞
❝Stop repeating yourself!❞
❝KNOCK IT OFF! I’m trying to make a speech here! Now…Uh…Oh for fuck’s sake! Now I’ve lost my place!❞
❝This may be the last time we ever get to be together…❞
❝You think you’re the only one who can fix things?!❞
❝Like I can trust you? I have to do this myself.❞
❝I will never forgive you! Now die!❞
❝Heh. I never asked for forgiveness.❞
❝Geez, you’re stubborn!❞
❝This went a little different than I had planned…❞
❝Tell the Old World I said hi.❞
❝I’m just a fool so…how should I know?❞
❝Guess I tried a little too hard…❞
❝Don’t you die on me, you asshole!❞
❝Don’t you…don’t you dare leave me alone again!❞
❝Why does this keep happening to me?❞
❝I want you to know…I’m glad we met.❞
❝Have I ever lied to you?❞
❝You’re all stabby and angry and stuff…But no…You’ve never lied to me.❞
❝I’m here with you. And it’s going to be okay.❞
❝Stand still and fight me, shit-hog!❞
❝The hell are you yammering on about?❞
❝We don’t have to be scared of this world.❞
❝Then the world will finally be quiet. Shhh…Not a peep from you world! Eee hee hee!❞
❝Simon saaays…Rip your guts out! Come on! Do it!❞
❝No, no! No, no, no! I am not letting you do this! No!❞
❝Heh…Look at that…You finally used my name…My…name…❞
❝You’re not the only one who’s ready to sacrifice everything!❞
❝If you think you’re the only one suffering here, you’re out of your goddamn mind!❞
❝Cursing the world…then saving the world…You thought you could do everything by yourself? Well, this is what you fucking get!❞

Prompt starters taken from [ profile] the-sassy-dragon 

Yooo, this is an open RP post! Ask for a character from the muselist, start off with one of the prompts shown here, and we'll get this ball rolling. o7


ITP: Ivlis's usual E-Rank luck and Three's suggestions are hideous.

Thus, the fairytale from the grave begins...

Prompt 1: Shall We Begin the Revenge Tragedy? )


Prompt 2: Just Taking a Break )


Prompt 3: Random! )

((OOC: This is Märchen von Friedhof from the album "Märchen"! He's just a corpseconductor who'll grant revenge for anyone who's "died a noble death" (though he won't be against anyone whose death was violent), from making a stepmother dance until she dies for a princess, or spreading the black plague for a hard-working girl. Of course, since this RP, anything goes, and there'll be no singing in this, just normal conversations. Though if you want to, you can just insert your character's song- or if they don't have one, then just a song that fits them the best.))
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Super Dumbbutt Sim meme
Canon: Kara no Kyoukai
Username: fujigglephysics
Game: Soul Campaign, Ruby City
A well-mannered, seemingly nice girl with hidden, dark secrets by the buttload. Her route is the most hard and the longest, complete with a lot of bad ends. But, if one works hard enough to get through her, there'll be a golden ending.
Canon: RWBY
Username: coldandyearning
Nice, but somewhat bitchy. Actually less difficult than the first route, though not by much.
Canon: Metal Gear Rising
Username: jetstreamer
Game: Holly Heights
A notcyborg jerkass samurai who's easy-going, yet quite the analyst. Enjoys a good fight, and will go through ridiculous lengths to get one. His route is also difficult, and takes some time, depending on the choices.
Canon: Yu-Gi-Oh! DM
Username: babygotback
A former evil, jerkwad prick who used to be a tombkeeper. Likes motorcycles, decent in dueling, and is afraid of the dark. His route is in the middle, though there's a lot to work out at least even a decent ending.
Canon: Gangsta.
Username: not_too_short
A man who's deaf, yet doesn't let it get in the way of life. Doesn't like to speak, and is highly dangerous when not in usual grumpy mode. His route is filled with violence and R-rated stuff due to the setting, so extra caution is needed.
Canon: Fate/Apocrypha
Username: coldhearted_sun
Son of the sun. Speaks in a cold manner and seems unforgiving, yet is selfless and giving. He points out people's faults out of a casual manner, though it only earns him much ire. His route can be confusing, though the difficulty is intermediate.
Canon: Mawaru Penguindrum
Username: only_sane_man
A seemingly normal, blue-haired boy whose days are peppered with penguins. His route looks easy, yet the difficulty spikes into hard later in the story.
Canon: Soul Eater
Username: eatsyouout
Demon god of insanity. His route is absolute batshit insane, why would you even choose this.
Choose your Route

code by [community profile] cawaii

How to play:
ღ Choose a character. Note which one in the subject line.
ღ Congratulations! You are now the protagonist in a dating sim (or ero game, if you're feeling raunchy). Or, you're the just protag and whoever you choose is your sidekick, or enemy forced to use clench-teethed teamwork, etc. Whatever.
ღ Said character will respond with options. Choose one, and try not to get the Bad End! Unless you're terrible enough to want to get all the bad ends for completion, in which case, go for it.
ღ Don't feel too locked in to the option you choose! Feel free to interpret it creatively, or roll with it in your own way.
ღ Have fun!
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The Domestic Meme

yoinked from bakerstreet, pretty much

❧ Leave a comment with your character's name, fandom, and any preferences you have.
❧ When replying, RNG for a number between 1 and 15. The number corresponds to the scenario that you will play out in whatever way you want to.
❧ Go from there!
01] baby
Suddenly, there's a new addition to your family! What do, yo.

02] just married
Congratulations! You now have new parents! Or you or a sibling got married to someone. Are you worried on how your family will react? Or do you try to elope without them noticing?

03] house hunting
Are you seeking out an apartment? A dream house? Or just any old place? Make sure to weigh your options very carefully...

04] household chores
It's time to clean/cook/garden/take care of something! Do you work, or do you hide until everything is done?

05] shopping
Whether it's for furniture, groceries, or something in between, shopping is something that everybody must do at some point in time! What varies is if they like it or not.

06] family vacation
... well, as long as the kids are happy, right...? You may not be happy (or maybe you are), but it's mainly about ~family bonding~.

07] comfort
Is somebody sick in bed? Or perhaps they just had a bad day? Sometimes, a good breakfast in bed or a home-cooked meal can really lift the spirits! Or perhaps you want to try medicine, or laughter, or something else?

08] pet
Suddenly, you have another addition to the family! Is it a puppy? A kitty? A fierce dragon? Whatever it is, make sure to give it a name and to take good care of it!

09] holiday
Happy birthday/New Years/Christmas/Valentine's Day/whatever! It's a very special day that only comes once a year, so make it count!

10] argument
Oh, no, who left the stove on... Or maybe it's about why they were out late last night? Either way, there is a lot of tension today, and someone might be grounded.

12] making up
It's time to make amends for that fight/divorce/whatever you had before! After all, you love each other... right?

13] other
Man, if there's any ideas, just go for it.
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Herpa derp, it's a voice test!


No but really, have a Sam who is pretty much confused because fuck if he knows where he is. Seriously, has no one ever heard of Denver?? What's with these weird landmarks? And more importantly, what's wrong with some of the people's hair ARE THEY HUMANIZED GUMBALLS?!

Eventually, after looking around for however long it was, he'll go back to the other direction to where he parked...his...


Ah man, this again?!

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All the nuts of the world

【the CALL ME OUT meme】
a roleplay meme to inspire muses.

And not a single pistachio )
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【the CALL ME OUT meme】
a roleplay meme to inspire muses.

broken_wish: By the end of tonight (And I'll be right back)

Searching for a Wish

[For a mansion bustling about with people of various levels of crazy, it's awfully quiet around this time.

Or at least, save for the soft footsteps of a purple-haired child. Maybe she looks familiar, or maybe not.

In any case, she seems to be just wandering aimlessly for the time being, though she stops every once in a while to glance around at the place, as if searching for something dear to her. She may or may not also wordlessly bump into you without even caring to look.